Violation of the balance between the upper and lower jaw

Violation of the balance between the upper and lower jaw significantly affects the entire human body and leads to changes in the position of the head, neck, shoulder joints, shoulder blades and pelvic bones.

violation of the balance between the upper and lower jawThis is equivalent to the load that a skeleton gets if the shoes have heels of different heights. As a result, the muscles on the one side are reduced more than on the other, innervation and blood supply to the internal organs are broken, there is an unclear pain.

But teeth suffer from the wrong bite most of all. Some of them get a lot of load and are more likely to erase. In addition, there are conditions for the development of periodontal disease and loss of teeth. Also, the violation of the chewing process directly damages the work of the entire digestive tract, causing the development of serious diseases.

Unless solving the problem of bite pathology, it can lead to hygiene problems, the development of diseases of bone tissue, gums, to the formation of periodontal pockets. As a result – loss of teeth.

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