Cleanliness standards

We provide SAFETY FIRST CODE Infection Prevention Protocol which is the highest safety standard in healthcare.
This means that contamination of patients is impossible in our clinic.
Everything that comes into contact with oral cavity is disposable or sterile.

  • Perfect sterilization lab is equipped with the state-of-art German and Swiss instruments from Sirona and Miele, as well as sterilization and disinfection control system.
    We comply with the sterilization protocols adopted in the European Union.
  • All the instruments are for one-time use only or undergo sterilization after each patient, with sterile packing being open in the presence of a patient just prior to the treatment.
    Dental units are equipped with incorporated automatic sanitation system. Dental water lines, aspirators and tubing are disinfected after each patient.
    This means that the dental unit cleans itself to the state of “new” after each patient.
  • Dental handpieces and removable elements are autoclaved and sterilized with DAC Universal Hygiene System after each use.
  • Personnel is systematically checked-up and complies with high standards of personal hygiene.
стерилизация инструмента в стоматологии
безопасная анестезия

Safe anaesthesia standards

Patient’s safety is our indisputable priority, which is why all procedures that require anaesthesia are carried out via computer navigation.

This means that the effect of the anaesthesia comes as soon as possible with noticeably less amount of anaesthetic agent (this diminishes the toxicity and the risk of allergic reactions).

The doctor can guarantee a truly painless injection without feeling of numbness in the surrounding tissues not involved in the procedure.

We don`t use classical syringes and needles, which quite often are the cause of anxiety in children and adults.

Accuracy standards

  • Most of procedures are carried out with high-accuracy optical systems and microscopes which enable visualizing details and fine structure of the tooth, performing high-quality in-depth diagnostics and carrying-out really intricate procedures.
  • Using CAD/CAM technologies we can offer our patients an absolutely new experience of treatment which provides optimal results within a single visit.

CAD/CAM system from Cerec Premium: complicated algorithms of treatment and high-accuracy milling instruments turn digital data into extremely detailed restoration.

Incredible accuracy along with wide assortment of innovation materials enables producing ultra-strong restorations meeting the highest aesthetic standards in the shortest possible term.

  • TEFI Clinic performs all kinds of check-ups of the maxillofacial structures.

With the integrated computer navigation system we perform implant planning accurately to within 0,01 mm, carry out joints diagnostics, etc.

With new technologies of scanning the diagnostics is comfortable and safe.

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