SPA - гігієна та профілактика

SPA-hygiene and prophylaxis

We offer professional SPA- hygiene usingglycine micro-pearls, which remove dental deposits at the molecular level, provide ideal cleaning of dental surfaces, ensure unmatched brilliance and natural whiteness of your teeth.

Our TEFI team of dentists together with leading pharmacologists, researchers and chemists developed a product line for beautiful smile and healthy oral cavity care. Innovation formulas, actual textures and pleasant tastes combine extremely effective care, recovery and natural freshness.

Therefore, following the procedure we carry out diagnostics of the enamel and choose your individual products for a well-balanced care of teeth and gums at home. Patients are provided with teeth cosmetics (gels and creams, rinsers and gingival masks) as a part of treatment.

Diagnostics and therapy

Concept of functional medicine. Scientific approach.
Considering human organism as an integrated system where parts are interrelated and well-balanced, we use technologies of the future to give harmony, enhancethe quality of life, discover capabilities of healthy body just today.

We confirm that complete diagnostics of the maxillo- facial complex is absolutely necessary before the beginning of any treatment.

High-accuracy diagnostics methods ensure development of treatment strategy, achievement of optimal results and noticeable improvement of prognosis, as well as quality guarantee.


Computer navigation is an obligatory part during any anaesthesia or surgery.


We know that correct functional treatment can change the quality of life. That is why TEFI team of specialists focus their attention on the health of the musculoskeletal system and the whole body as a fundamental link of functional bite.


Each treatment plan is based on a team collaboration of dental professionals with participation of other experts (otorhinolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, orthopaedist, osteopath, etc.) and the second opinion from our partners in Europe.

Patient is offered a clear and understandable algorithm of actions and procedures.

System of video- and photo-recording in the oral cavity is used during the treatment process.

Therefore, it is impossible to get irrational treatment, redundant and unnecessary procedures.

діагностіка та стратегія лікування
Естетична стоматологія

Esthetic dentistry

We offer a full spectrum of dental services from esthetic anti-age dentistry and pediatric treatment to surgery and sleep-related disorders.

Incredible accuracy along with wide range of innovative materials enables producing ultra-strong restorations meeting the highest esthetic standards in the shortest possible terms.

Delicate treatment with facial and neck muscles carried out by our extra-class professional helps to achieve an optimal treatment result in a comfortable and pleasant way.

Orthodontics and braces

Much more than tooth alignment.

Disbalance between the upper and lower jaws makes an impact on the whole human body. As a result compensatory mechanisms starts “domino effect” when redistribution of the load is needed to provide enough balance.

Manifestations of malocclusion bite can be:

  • headache, migraine;
  • ringing in the ears;
  • dizziness;
  • facial pain, jaw pain;
  • neck pain;
  • sleep-related problems (snoring, night apnoea);
  • postural disorders.

That is whytreatment process in TEFI Digital Dentistry Clinic often includes musculoskeletalrehabilitation and delicate work with facial muscles.

отбеливание зубов

Teeth whitening

Patient’s health and safety is an absolute priority of TEFI Digital Dental Clinic.

We chose the safest teeth whitening system, which provides shining snow-white smile at the molecular level.

We carry out teeth whiteningusing a revolutionary technology aimed to turn this ritual into an unforgettable SPA experience.

Appointment #1

Rejuvenation teeth peeling for the deep cleaning, saturation ofenamel with necessary micronutrients for the health and shining from inside.

Application of soothing mask for the prophylaxis of sensitivity and discomfort.

Patient receives special product line for 10-14 days-home care to achieve natural colour smoothing and to diminish sensitivity, as well as for the saturation of teeth with hydroxyapatite in order to renew the enamel.

This is necessary for the effective and safe teeth whitening.

Appointment #2

Whitening procedure with an exclusive whitening gel on the basis of hydrogen peroxide, activation with White Speed blue LED (the last generation of Philips Zoom) technology.

Delicate application of the gel with exclusively necessary ingredients – amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), fluorides and micronutrients – on the teeth surface for diminishing sensitivity and renewing teeth brilliant shine.

To achieve better results we provide a unique product line for teeth and gums care used after the whitening, which helps to strengthen and preserve shiny teeth for a long time.

From now on, you can enjoy the unique freshness of the bright shining smile!

Dental implantation

Scientific approach, effectiveness and safety are the key aspects in operation of TEFI Digital Dentistry Clinic.

For the safe and reliable surgery we make a precise plan using high-accurate surgical guides and an integrated computer navigation system.

CAD/CAM system by Cerec Premium: complicated algorithms of treatment and high-accuracy milling instruments turn digital data into extremely detailed restoration.

We select only the best materials from the world leader of implantology.
We offer life-time warranty on the implants.

dental center
Дитяча стоматологія

Paediatric dentistry

We believe that healthy smile starts from the childhood.

That is why we regard prophylaxis as a key element of a child’s health.

Exclusively for TEFI clinic the team of German professionals developed a system of children teeth care, which includes Hygiene lessons, regular examinations and oral SPA- hygiene for children.

We constantly search for the safest decisions to protect child’s teeth and select the most natural materials as a base for strong and healthy teeth combining vitamins and natural elements during treatment.

We try to make every visit as short, effective and reliable as possible. Our highly-qualified personnel and the breakthrough technologies help to carry out treatment sessions with pleasure even for the most capricious kiddies.

We refused from classical syringes and needles which cause anxiety in children quite often with their outlook. Instead, we offer treatment with computer anaesthesia or pharmacological sleep technique.

All materials used in TEFI Digital Dentistry Clinic pass close quality control and safety tests.

Installing veneers

We use only highly effective teeth alignment systems to restore the beauty and health your smile.

Restoration of the highest quality, perfectly imitating the surface of natural teeth. Our veneers are a model of aesthetic and durable method of recovery.

More about Installing veneers

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