Fundamental approach to sterilization in TEFI

Quarantine will end, unprecedented measures of infectious safety – never. Our fundamental approach to sterilization [...]

How bite affects posture?

Single tooth disposition can lead to changes in whole body, Malocclusion can cause migraine and [...]

Violation of the balance between the upper and lower jaw

Violation of the balance between the upper and lower jaw significantly affects the entire human [...]

What does a modern man need to feel good?

Orthomol Vital m – Men Supplement for vitality instead of stress! Source of important micronutrients [...]

Simple Tips for Healthy Teeth

Tips for oral health: brush your teeth twice a day floss at least once a [...]

Help for @tabletochki_ Charity Foundation

Our latest news. Thanks to you, as part of Giving Tuesday at TEFI, 24,500 UAH [...]


3D tomography Stress-free treatment with medicated sleep Superb Infection Prevention Protocols Dental microscopy Advanced implantation [...]

Lost crown

My dentist is quarantined and I have a problem. What can I do? Here are [...]


Head pain? Assymetryc shoulders? We can assume it`s all because of your bite. Let`s involve [...]

What is Orthomolecular Medicine?

Since the 1960s, Karl Linus Pauling, twice a Nobel laureate, has become interested in the [...]

Clinic working hours during quarantine

We believe it is our responsibility to launch additional safety measures due to spread of [...]

Annual Music Arts Talk

TEFI’s philosophy reflects an innovative approach to establishment of long-term relationships