Installation of ceramic veneers is the part of Aesthetic Dentistry and Orthopedics.

What problems can be solved with the help of modern aesthetic dentistry:

  • Significant damage of the tooth or chip due to injuries and / or caries
  • Darkening of fillings and teeth, including those associated with fluorosis (with high level of fluoride in water) or the use of drugs
  • Large interdental gaps
  • Rough surface, irregular shape of the tooth or tooth row

To restore the integrity of the tooth, we use such methods of restoration as overlays, linings, crowns or veneers.

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Встановлення керамічних вінірів

Types of tooth restoration

Composite restorations from high-strength photopolymer materials.
They are created directly: right on the teeth, which makes it possible to get a good smile literally for one appointment.

If there are contraindications to overlays (increased teeth erosion, significant malocclusion, large fillings etc.), it is better to restore teeth with crowns, including crowns on implants.

Veneers – about 0.2 mm thick, transform teeth to natural lifelike smile. Ceramic veneers of the highest quality are manufactured in our laboratory with use of the best ceramics.

Overlays – thin plates to restore the shape and color of one or more teeth.

Laminates – state of art ceramic overlays on the front teeth, thinner than the veneers. Laminates are positioned on untouched teeth.

Advantages of Veneers:

  • Full reproduction of anatomy of your own teeth
  • Creating a smooth tooth row
  • Natural look
  • Perfect smile
  • Preserving the original color despite coffee, wine or cigarettes
  • Guarantee up to 10 years