TEFI Digital Dentistry

There are some important issues that differentiate TEFI clinic among others.

TEFI digital dentistryFirst, we provide comprehensive assessment of the maxillo-facial area and body. Having high competence in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, we understand that improper bite is associated with postural disorders and headache. How respiratory distress occurs and how it affects overall fatigue and development of decay. How to prevent or treat joint problems, etc.

Second, TEFI’s state-of-the-art technical equipment enables comprehensive diagnostics and treatment. We monitor latest “dental blockbusters”, the most successful of which we implement in TEFI.

But most importantly, it is the TEFI team.

Nowadays, our specialists (Ukrainian, American and German doctors with the highest qualification) are able to treat problems that have only been observed before.

For example, treatment of temporomandibular joints, night apnea, treatment of children with a tendency to allergy.

TEFI Digital Dentistry: +38 067 856 53 85