Children’s dentistry without pain and tears

The pediatric dentist consultation begins with a primary examination

and allows you to determine whether your baby’s teeth are growing properly. In case of need for prevention or treatment of children’s teeth, we offer an individual plan of further visits.

pediatric dentistWe will also provide recommendations on the implementation of preventive procedures and the selection of optimal and safe means of oral hygiene. In addition, a pediatric dentist will definitely teach your child to care for teeth and gums. And also show how to clean the teeth. For parents, we will talk about products that are good for healthy teeth.

Children’s dentistry

Treatment of milk teeth with a baby smile is possible in our modern dentistry. Safe anesthesia is performed using computer navigation. This means that the effect of anesthesia occurs very quickly with a significantly smaller amount of injected anesthetic. As a result, it reduces the toxicity and risk of allergic reactions.