Stages of functional diagnostics

Functional diagnosis of the dentofacial complex consists of stages:

  1. diagnosis of the dentofacial complex Analysis of the tooth-jaw correlation.
    Complex diagnostics of oral health, chewing and facial muscles as well as body muscles, temporomandibular joints, body posture.
  2. Digital X-ray, digital models of the teeth. Photo protocol.
    All studies are carried out with precision on high-resolution digital image processing software.
  3. Consultation of TEFI’s leading specialists
    with the involvement of doctors of related specialties (ENT, ophthalmologist, orthopedist, vertebroneurologist).
  4. Creating a virtual prototype of treatment.
    If necessary, all stages are processed using 3D virtual planning technologies, including complex manipulations and surgery. In this case, you can see and evaluate the result before the treatment, and continue your treatmentt with the highest level of reliability.
  5. Analysis of models in the anatomical articulator.
  6. Development of a step-by-step plan
    with exact number of visits and definition of the final price.
  7. Treatment plan presentation.
    Demonstration of step-by-step treatment using a virtual prototype.
Functional diagnosis of the dentofacial complex at the TEFI clinic: +38 044 334 4354