Children’s orthodontics

What is children’s orthodontics for? First orthodontic consultation is recommended [...]

Aesthetic Dentistry and Orthopedics

In the modern world requirements for self- appearance are constantly increasing, and so are the [...]

TEFI team and 10th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon 2019

For two years in a row TEFI team takes part in a charity Wizz Air [...]

Professional SPA hygiene

Professional oral SPA-hygiene The complex of TEFI`s professional SPA oral hygiene is not only useful [...]

Causes of Teeth Darkening

Factors causing teeth darkening? coloring drinks – tea, coffee, cola, fruit juices sweets fruits the [...]

Psychological comfort of patients

The psychological comfort of our patients is very important for us. The main components of [...]

X-ray and 3D systems TEFI

TEFI clinic is equipped with first-class German X-ray and 3D systems. With their help, fast [...]

Children’s dentistry without pain and tears

The pediatric dentist consultation begins with a primary examination [...]

Dentistry of the European level

Dentistry of the European level and quality in Kyiv We demonstrate that the latest technologies [...]

In search of new knowledge

A team of like-minded people in search of new knowledge in dentistry. The team of [...]