CEREC technology in TEFI

CEREC is a complex of technology, equipment and materials for the manufacture of dental inlays, [...]

Comprehensive approach and functional diagnostics

Highest quality of services provided,

TEFI Digital Dentistry

There are some important issues that differentiate TEFI clinic among others.

Patient`s loyalty

Our patients recommend TEFI to their loved ones, friends, colleagues – we are incredibly proud [...]

Progressive approach to service and communication

TEFI means not only innovations in medical

Stages of functional diagnostics

Functional diagnosis of the dentofacial complex consists of stages:

Making and installing veneers

Installation procedure for veneers The natural and aesthetic result is obtained on behalf of modern [...]

Welcome to TEFI !

Digital Dentistry TEFI We work in the field of dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. TEFI Digital [...]

Healthy Teeth School – TEFI Kids

The Healthy Teeth School is a TEFI educational social project aimed at improving the health [...]

Surgical dentistry

Painless dental surgery All surgeries are carried out using high-quality anesthetics,

Children’s dentistry

In the childhood each of us was afraid of a dentist? In order to destroy [...]


Digital dentistry is our approach to working with a patient We make a 3D scan [...]