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We can assume it`s all because of your bite. Let`s involve high precision equipment and computer programming. One such device is T-scan.

T-scan is a computer system for precise verification of occlusal contacts to determine the sequence, synchronization, surface and force of each contact in statics and dynamics.

T-Scan technology is used at all stages of dental treatment related to the diagnosis and correction of occlusion, and is the only quantitative method of occlusion analysis that is applicable in practice.

The procedure of diagnostics with the T-scan apparatus is as follows: the doctor suggests that the patient place a plate between the dental rows, biting it – it is an ultra-thin sensor that catches all the movements of the teeth.

The doctor evaluates the data obtained on dynamic charts, which allows him to reliably identify the areas requiring attention and develop a plan for occlusion correction. The patient also has the opportunity to clearly see the causes of this or that pathology.

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