Annual Music Arts Talk

TEFI’s philosophy reflects an innovative approach to establishment of long-term relationships

with our partners. Our dentists team has always been committed to creating initiatives that bring people together and contribute to positive change in society.

Therefore, TEFI is a regular partner and organizer of cultural events.

music arts talk

In 2017, with our support, the Music Arts Talk Festival was organized, featuring classical music stars Valery Sokolov (violin), Harry Hoffman (cello), Antony Baryshevsky (piano), accompanied by Natalia Gordeeva (violin) and the Kyiv Soloist Chamber Orchestra.

In 2018, the National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine we hosted annual Music Arts Talk Festival dedicated to St. Nicholas Day.

In the atmosphere of Christmas, guests had the opportunity to enjoy a concert of two violins performed by world-renowned musician Valery Sokolov and founder of the Music Arts Academy Natalia Gordeeva, as well as children’s choir from M.Lysenko music school.

The annual Music Arts Talk 2020 Festival is coming soon. Follow the news.

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